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cohen's original spice

jar labels

Cohen’s Original is a (fictional) spice company that focuses on premium ingredients. Their brand message conveys boldness, quality, and simplicity. Their logo already existed, but they needed labels for their new line of spice rubs. The labels needed to show their different flavor profiles, but also remain cohesive and clearly come from the same brand.

I used bold, simple animal graphics on each label as a reference to what the spice rub should be used for, and to differentiate each rub from one another. Orange was used in the design to appeal to the simplicity of the brand, to add interest, to stand out on the shelf among competitors, and for its underlying psychological emotions (invoking hunger, excitement, and happiness). The main font used is a modern sans serif, which is paired with a handwritten font to create an updated, handcrafted perception of the brand.

Below are designs for two of the spice rubs of the new line, along with one of the ingredient labels on the back, showing the other side of the design.

Label - CO
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