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art house brand identity

Art House is a small, comfortably luxurious (fictional) movie theater that screens independent features, as well as select small budget and alternative Hollywood films. The brand message celebrates the craft of film in a uniquely casual and chic way.

The brand identity and collateral use unconventional yet simplistic, modern designs via a modern sans serif font mixed with some artistic graphic touches hinting at ideas of classical theater. Yellow is used as an ode to old and new school theater; yellow butter on popcorn, old theater lights, outdoor theatre signage, etc.

The logo was inspired by circles through the theme of old-school theaters with a modern twist. The circles are echoed throughout the design in the logo graphic, the theater wall graphic, and in the mobile ticket design as well.

Also shown is part of the design process. Brainstorming, word association and logo exploration are some of the methods that were used.

Logo - AH
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