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date night facades movie poster

Date Night Facades is a soft-thriller short film made here in Calgary that explores the empowerment of a single woman in her middle years. The movie’s characters and colouring were inspired by elements of comic book characters. There is a theme of romance and some ‘light’ gore in the film.


I was approached to make a movie poster, film title, and credits.  The poster was made as a subtle nod to the slightly dark and comic theme and uses colour to incorporate important elements from the film into the poster. It is meant to be impactful and mysterious, to not give away any details from the 7-minute film, and to be memorable, like a piece of art on display.

The title nods at important elements in the film, which the viewer does not understand until after watching it. This was done to invoke a feeling of community and cult-like referencing. The bold background text is meant to look like metal, and the foreground text is a nod to thriller film titles.

The movie credits are intended to appear bold, but still somewhat fantasy-like, similar to that of a comic book. This was done using layout, colours, and specific font pairing.  


This movie poster won the Stinger Award for Best Key Art at the 4th Annual Stinger Awards.

Date Night Facades

Produced by Kathleen Brigham

Directed by Yvonne Chapman

Screenplay written by Giovanni Smith and owned by Sinopia Comics



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