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pirate treasure map

Inspired by a course I took, Annie Atkins’ “Graphic Design for Filmmaking”, I created a series of graphic props/paraphernalia for a fictional character I love.  William Turner is one of the main characters in “Pirates of The Caribbean” which takes place circa 1700s. 


   Below is the treasure map of Hook Isle. It was aged and hand-inked with a quill. I imagined that Will bartered this map off of another pirate, who stole it from someone else, who bought it off a cartographer who made the map at gunpoint.


Notoriously difficult to find, this map luckily shows the way to the Elixir Vitae (Potion of Life). The problem is, when Will & Crew finally found “X marks the spot”, there was not one, but three bottles. The drawing of the right magical bottle appears to have been ripped off the map, leaving the pirates questioning which bottle will save them, and what will happen to them if they drink from either of the other two...


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