animal healthlink brand identity and website

Animal HealthLink is a new startup that acts as a 'telehealth link' for on-call vets and after-hour services to local veterinary clinics.  Their goal is to help grow the veterinary industry by supporting on-call vets' quality of life, as well as support Registered Veterinary Technicians to find new jobs and use their expertise. The brand had to look approachable and easy to understand immediately, while also looking professional and trustworthy as a tech startup.


The design identity created conveys a trustworthy, modern, and stylish brand.  Its logo is easy to understand, quick to read, and is still somewhat soft and approachable. The colour blue is used in two different tones to help create depth and dimension. It was also used for its emotional connections: typically blues are associated with professionalism, trustworthiness, friendliness,, and serenity.  A colourful set of complementary hues was added to bring some excitement to the page and allow for a clear hierarchy, which is important when dealing with a lot of information.


The website's design is kept simple and to the point, making it easy for clients and potential clients to understand the business immediately, and making the navigation clear. Lots of 'white space' was used to help the design breathe and give the eyes a rest from the colourful palette.