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fancy meeting you here!


NA Designs is a Graphic Design Studio run by Natalie. Our mission is to create meaningful designs that tell a story for Film, TV, and sometimes people. 


We tell stories through our designs. We bridge the gap between fantasy and reality by bringing fantasy worlds to life via graphic props and paper paraphernalia such as love letters, pirate maps, and posters



For a list of our services, please see the services page.


what people say

— kathleen brigham, film producer

It was a pleasure working with Natalie from my very first contact with her, through the creative development phase and then with the final edits.  Throughout the process, she shared with me her concepts and worked with me so that I felt 100% comfortable with the final product. I highly recommend Natalie for quality and professional graphic design work.

n is for natalie

Natalie, an Irish-Canadian, is the woman behind NA Designs. She loves to tell stories with design and has found her passion in doing just that. She believes fantasy worlds and reality share a mutualistic symbiosis and her work nurtures that relationship.


There are moral and ethical implications of design and they affect the world around us. She aims to create great design, but ultimately, to do good and put good into the world.

She is a foodie who loves movies, tea, languages, and anything Vintage. If she is not inside watching movies or crafting something, she is outside in nature.

Please feel free to reach out for collaboration or with any questions you might have for us using our contact page. If you share our interests give us a shout - and look out for new projects on our Instagram page. Let's meet for a cozy tea at a local cafe!

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